Thursday 30 Jul 2015
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A Company of Women International

acwlogo  Rosalie Storment, and all of her heart friends at the National and International Stations welcome you to A Company of Women and Men!


We want you to know that it is a time in freedom in Christ for both women and men in our Savior, and we would like to invite you to be a part of the great things God is doing among us! There is liberty in Christ -- to worship Him, to love Him, to serve Him deeply, to walk intimately with Him, and to draw the Body of Christ  together in all of those things. We believe in the ministry that calls us all to proclaim the freedom of that relationship to Jesus throughout the world. God is doing great things with women in the present and in the days to come, and together with our brothers as heart friends we will realize the complete destiny of God as it opens before us.


We want to encourage you to experience and be fulfilled in all that God has for your life.

Enjoy our website, contact us, use our prayer network ( Praisenet).

Let us assist you in the transformation to all that God has ordained for you, and let us journey together into our destinies!


A Company of Women is a safe place for God's women to be enfolded in God's corporate love, to share their hearts, and God's vision for their lives. It is a place to birth and nurture many ministries and send forth Godly women to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ across the street and around the world. It is our heart to ordain and send women out into the ministry of life as: 
writers, homemakers, dancers, intercessors, singers, businesswomen, ranchers, nurses, teachers, wives and mothers, prophets, apostles, pastors, missionaries etc. It is a place to find friendships, vision, direction, healing, encouragement and new hope, with sisters who will uphold each other's arms with love. 

A Company of Women is a family of women ministering together in the unity of God's love. These are women of excellence, whose hearts have been given to the Lordship of Jesus in honor and love toward all.  All of us ordained to BE who He created us to be where HE placed us to function.
A Company of Women is supported with prayer and love by people from all walks of life. These men and women of God raise a standard of accountability both individually and corporately in order that we might fulfill our destiny and vision.

"The gift of your very presence marks your place as a person of great worth. You carry the breath of God you deserve to receive honor..." 

To sign up for PraiseNet, use the "email us" contact form on this website. Rosalie's personal website is here.